Now a days Mahuya is An eminent vocalist, true entertainer , a graceful fashionista with mesmerizing stage presence, Mahuya can render Modern song , Folk song , Ghazals , Nazrul Geeti, Devotional songs , Raaga based songs & also sing Hindi Retro song with equal poise, mastery and finesse. Her unique vocal quality has been recognized widely in Kolkata and by global audience. She is a regular voice on Bengali television. Mahuya is well revered as a teacher with a large student base. She is deeply keen on spreading knowledge of Bengali music, which she firmly believes, is a strong pillar of our cultural heritage.

Mahuya stepped into Kolkata to Pandit Nihar Ranjan Bandopadhyay & subsequently to Sri Biman Mukhopadhyay for development of classical & semi classical base song. After that her area of special interest, “Nazrul Geeti” was taken care by Srimati Anasuya Mukhopadhyay. She also took training from Rajya Sangeet Academy & Bangiya Sangeet Parisad (under affection of its owner Sri Subodh Ganguly). Beside all these she kept on participating in State level competitions in which she was most of the items winner or having very high rank. She also got national scholarship. Now a day’s at present she is a disciple of Sri Somnath Mukhopadhayay (Pandit Ram Kisan Misra Gharana).

Although she lives & dreams both in music and she also completed her subject of love Music (Bengali – Vocal) which became her Master Degree from Rabindra Bharati University.

Mahuya is very common face in different Bengali Channel on television. People willingly appreciated & accepted her smart, spontaneous & passionate performance on stage.

Mahuya is always trying to hold the basic essence of all the songs. She has a brilliant, inimitable voice & capability that hypnotized the entire listener around her

Mahuya is very open to newer ideas and concepts. But this does not mean that she is not singing in the traditional format.

Mahuya as a singer of Bengali Modern Song, Devotional, Folk Songs and Nazrul Geeti is enormously considered not only in Kolkata but also outside of the Kolkata.

Born and bought up in Amta where music is a way of life, Mahuya has been learned Hindusthani Classical Music & Nazrul Geeti from her tender age. Still presently she is a student of Benaras Gharana with her deep love, perseverance & passion, which has helped her to choose a career in interpreting and propagating these forms of music over other paths she might have taken.

Concentration & love upon music, has developed her in that stage in which Mahuya hopes that she is able to take this cultural heritage forward into her next generation. Her singing maturity, accent & heart touching voice are really inspiring to the next generation.